Monday, July 14, 2014

Playtex Sport Tampons!

So let me tell you how much I love these things!! I have tried numerous brands over the years and have never liked any as much as I have liked these! They are super simple to use and you don't even really feel them. I also love how they also help to neutralize odors. For me that is a big plus seeing as how the humidity here in PA can get unbearable at times and it takes quite a bit for me to turn on the air conditioner! I will definitely be buying some of these for the rest of the summer and even may pick up some for the winter just to have in the off-chance we may stay at a motel with an indoor pool or visit one of the many indoor water parks in our area!! I highly recommend this product to everyone!!

As always have to mention that my initial pack of these was sent free to me to test by Influenster!!! :)

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Kiss Everlasting French Nails

So I wanted to write a little blog on these nails now that I was finally able to try them out! I love these nails! They are so pretty and so much better looking than my own nails (I have started to let them grow after I wasn't able to use the product right away!) 

As with any fake nails, you have to worry about them coming off, chipping and just overall wearing down. Being a stay at home mom with my 3 kids including an almost 9 month old, my nails take a toll. I have cloth diapers to change, dishes to do and numerous other household chores. I wasn't too much worried about getting a shower with the nails on as much as I was about using shampoo. I used plastic/rubber gloves not only in the shower but also when I was doing dishes, so my nails weren't in prolonged water/soap/shampoo. 

Another thing I did was to make sure that I wasn't putting my hands too much in the chlorine of out pool. Thankfully the almost 9 month old was in her tube in the pool and I had that excuse to keep my hands above the water and on her tube. 

Chipping is another thing that you have deal with, and the best recommendation is to go about your normal days tasks, but be careful and ginger with things. 

Once again I must make the disclosure, I received these free to try from Influenster!! :)

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Monday, June 16, 2014


Now that my oldest 2 kids are done school for the summer, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to write the reviews for the products from my #SpringVoxBox!!

The first product that I tried was the Playtex Sport Tampons! I absolutely loved this product. I have used tampons in the past and I must say this product is better than them.

The applicator was something for me that really set this apart from others I have tried. It was super easy to get into place. The card that accompanied these said that "It's designed to neutralize odors for ultimate freshness on the field." As we all know I don't play any sports, so it just so happened that when my "Dear Aunt Flo" showed up, it was very hot, so a little bit of exercise and sweating made this product a good test for me. It did exactly what it was supposed to. There were no odors like maxi-pads tend to cause/emit. The price point listed on the card is $3.99-$4.99 and I believe that is a very good value for these, especially if they can help others eliminate the odors! I will definitely be buying more of these!

The next product that I tested was the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara! I have never really been a mascara fan, so I was skeptical giving this a try. I wear glasses so it was pretty hard for me to capture an after photo with my glasses on, but I did my best! :)

So this is before any makeup!

So these are after I put makeup on. The pink is super dark so the mascara would pop out a little bit better to be able to see. There is quite a bit of difference between the before and the after pictures!

These were the best that I could manage with my glasses on. You can still see the mascara, which really impressed me. With other brands (Dollar Tree brand included), I never was able to see it as clearly as with this bold black. I noticed my eyelashes looked thicker and have more volume. I also noticed that there are no clumps and that is one thing I absolutely love about this product! The other brands I have used all had clumps. It stays on very well also. With other mascara brands if you touch your lashes you would end up with mascara on your fingers. That was a pleasant surprised to not have happen with this brand! The card that came with my box says the price retails at $5.99. For that price I would not hesitant to purchase it especially depending on how long 1 tube lasts.

The next product that I tried was the Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion. I compared this to my brand I use, Essence of Beauty Island Bliss that I purchased from CVS. The first thing I noticed right away is that the Nivea is more watery than the brand that I currently use. The smell of the Nivea was also like a faint fragrance smell, which I am not used to. The Nivea also seemed a little bit oily. I did noticed some firmer skin after using it for a few days. My skin also seemed a little softer. While using the Nivea Lotion, I was not using my own brand.
I live in Pennsylvania where the summers can be hot, but we also have to deal with humidity. Since using the product, I have seen a change. I plan on using it exclusively until the sample bottle is gone to see whether I want to purchase another bottle. The retail price according to the card is $2.49 for a 2.5oz bottle an $10.99 for 13.5 oz. It would be worth it depending on how long it would work in the long run.  The one downfall I noticed with myself was that I found that I was using more of my fragrance body spray to make up for the dull scent. 

Yesterday was Father's Day so we went out to dinner and we put up the air freshener in the van! It smells wonderful and the kids absolutely love it. It smells like Peach!

The only product that I had a super hard time with was the press on nails. The Kiss Everlasting French Nails (msrp $6.49), I found were super hard to get the glue to stay on my nails. I bite them, so there isn't much nail there. They are very beautiful, and I only wish they would have stayed on. I have started letting my nails grow out after they wouldn't stay on and I will try again once they are a little longer! 

As always, my disclosure:  "I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Checking in

It has been super crazy around our house lately. Our boys (12 & 6) finally decided that they wanted their own rooms, so I have been moving stuff around all weekend. Yesterday was also Memorial Day and we went out to eat at Applebees.

I got the Classic BLT... good sandwich with the smokey mayo, but the bread was just a little too crunchy for my tastes. The fries that they make are awesome! They are perfectly seasoned and are very delicious! :)

Hopefully either tonight or tomorrow, I will get to try some of the products in the #SpringVoxBox :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

#SpringVoxBox from Influenster

So recently I joined The site basically sends it's members free samples for them to try and then give their opinions about. The above box is the one that I just received today in the mail! I was super excited when I found out that I was getting one.

In my particular box there were actually 5 items for me to try. I haven't tried them as of yet as I just got the box earlier and have been doing a little bit of research on the products. 

The items in my box are: 1) Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara (msrp $5.99)

2) Kiss Everlasting French Nails (msrp $6.49)

3) Peach Pie Car Freshener from the Labor Day Movie

4) Playtex Sport Fresh Balance (msrp $3.99-$4.99)

5) NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Lotion (msrp $2.49 for 2.5oz and $10.99 for 13.5oz)

I do have to make the disclaimer: "I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster."