Monday, July 14, 2014

Playtex Sport Tampons!

So let me tell you how much I love these things!! I have tried numerous brands over the years and have never liked any as much as I have liked these! They are super simple to use and you don't even really feel them. I also love how they also help to neutralize odors. For me that is a big plus seeing as how the humidity here in PA can get unbearable at times and it takes quite a bit for me to turn on the air conditioner! I will definitely be buying some of these for the rest of the summer and even may pick up some for the winter just to have in the off-chance we may stay at a motel with an indoor pool or visit one of the many indoor water parks in our area!! I highly recommend this product to everyone!!

As always have to mention that my initial pack of these was sent free to me to test by Influenster!!! :)

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Kiss Everlasting French Nails

So I wanted to write a little blog on these nails now that I was finally able to try them out! I love these nails! They are so pretty and so much better looking than my own nails (I have started to let them grow after I wasn't able to use the product right away!) 

As with any fake nails, you have to worry about them coming off, chipping and just overall wearing down. Being a stay at home mom with my 3 kids including an almost 9 month old, my nails take a toll. I have cloth diapers to change, dishes to do and numerous other household chores. I wasn't too much worried about getting a shower with the nails on as much as I was about using shampoo. I used plastic/rubber gloves not only in the shower but also when I was doing dishes, so my nails weren't in prolonged water/soap/shampoo. 

Another thing I did was to make sure that I wasn't putting my hands too much in the chlorine of out pool. Thankfully the almost 9 month old was in her tube in the pool and I had that excuse to keep my hands above the water and on her tube. 

Chipping is another thing that you have deal with, and the best recommendation is to go about your normal days tasks, but be careful and ginger with things. 

Once again I must make the disclosure, I received these free to try from Influenster!! :)

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